Manage Digital Economy

Modern, competitive companies are able to react instantly to market requirements and changes. They network with the customers and partners and, as required, procure processes and services from the cloud. This flexibility creates challenges in the areas of reporting, corporate compliance as well as process and service management. Real time information, which reports on the current state of the performance, capacity utilisation, profitability and reliability, is the foundation for a successful cooperation with the customers, partners and government agencies and forms the foundation for fast and accurate decision making.

The mastery of the following 5 core elements is of critical importance for successful management and decision making in the digital economy:

Management Information

Current and cross divisional company information, available immediately and everywhere, is absolutely indispensable for each decision maker and manager in order to successfully master current and future market requirements.

Imagine that your information is compiled in an updated and stage appropriate manner. You are always “in the know” on the current state of your company KPIs, your supply capabilities, your process and service performance as well as also the performance of your partners.

Interesting themes on management information are:

  • Tracking company goals (balanced score cards)
  • Finance
  • Sales and profit development key indicators
  • Process management and governance
  • Service management and governance
  • Monitoring contractual performances (SLA’s)
  • Monitoring the fulfilment of standards (compliance)

With the proven auditQ measurement methods and the modular Reporting Suite, you will be correspondingly informed of your requirements and can take action in a targeted manner. You will see the effectiveness of your measures promptly and can also save substantial costs for manpower and systems.

Governance & Compliance

Prompt decision making, based on the most up to date facts and transparency, minimises risk and is the key for good corporate governance and compliance.

A fast response to regulatory, economic and technological changes increases the agility of your company in the market. By using auditQsuite, you are able to automate the corporate governance and compliance processes.

The integration of corporate governance and compliance points in your processes will enable your employees to be compliant in the fulfilment of tasks and will reduce your operational costs by reducing errors.

By using auditQ realtime reporting, you will always be kept informed of the current fulfilment of corporate governance and compliance standards. You will be able to take action in a targeted manner and immediately see the effectiveness of your measures.

The complexity of compliance is substantially reduced by using auditQsuite. At all times, updated reports enable timely action and protect the company from any loss of image as well as from financial losses.

Enterprise Reporting

Reporting, in an automated and consolidated manner will enable you to apply measures and make decisions via updated information. Owing to their transparency, the reports can also withstand critical compliance scrutiny.

Today reports are often drafted from manually compiled data sources, or are created in an extremely time consuming manner via BI/DWH assessments. With both methods the data are already outdated when the reports are drafted.

With auditQsuite:

  • The data acquisition is automated as well as depicted and stored in an auditable and comprehensible manner.
  • With the auditQ reporting process, the drafting of, commenting on and release of the documents are controlled.
  • By means of the recipient signing off on the report, the report is archived in an unaltered and secure manner.

By using auditQ, you will be kept informed about the current status of your company, can act in a targeted manner and promptly see the effects of your measures. In addition, you can attain substantial savings because your resources can be used for other projects.

Process Management

Processes in the digital economy often extend far beyond organisational limits. On the whole, it is possible to promptly recognise bottlenecks and mistakes and counteract them.

Thanks to auditQsuite, you can control your services as well as the services of your partners in real time. This will enable you to take proactive and situation appropriate action.

auditQsuite will support you on the following themes:

  • Availability and performance of your services
  • Availability and performance of your processes and sub-processes
  • Influence of the processes and sub-processes of your partners on your company
  • Resource capacity utilisation
  • Bottlenecks in the processes
  • Violation of delivery reliability (contractual agreements)
  • Error rates
  • Quantities

By using auditQ realtime reporting, you will always be kept informed of the current fulfilment of corporate governance and compliance, can take action in a targeted manner and promptly see the effectiveness of your measures.

Business Service Management

With auditQ business service management can cover the requirements of your company and your partners based upon expectations, current availability and performance values for the entire service are required.

In order to be successful as a company, the ability to interconnect one’s own company processes with other companies is a central challenge.

The enrichment of one’s own services with external services and technologies such as Process as a Service, Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service is unavoidable for fulfilling the requirements for functionality, speed and costs.

New challenges are always being imposed on the monitoring of business services. Availability is no longer the centre of attention, but increasingly also the qualitative analysis.

In the future, the following questions will have to be answered in realtime:

  • Can my customers work (functional and performance criteria)?
  • Are the processes available via multiple partners and suppliers?
  • Do my suppliers fulfil the agreed quality criteria?
  • Are my partners kept informed about current situations?
  • Am I compliant?

With auditQsuite, you will have the realtime overview of your business services as a whole and will be promptly informed of disruptions regardless of whether they affect your company or your partners